Major League Baseball Stadiums

Baseball stadium is unique and has different shape than any other stadium. The field is more like a triangle while in other games square shaped stadium is most common. Baseball stadium has become a part of a pride of a team. Much of the importance is given to the stadium to make it wonderful and unique. It is a symbol of pride for the fans too and they are opted to watch their favorite team’s game in their home ground. So, every team is trying to increase the capacity of the stadium. Modern facilities are included in the stadium to attract more fans. The Baseball stadiums are more popularly known as ballpark.  메이저리그중계

Every team of the MLB plays half of their total game in their home ground. This means they have to play at least 81 games in their own stadium under current league structure. If they qualify for the post-season, the total number of home matches increase. So, it is fundamental for each team to own a stadium. It is also one of the major income sources for the team. By selling ticket, the teams earn a huge amount of money. As the popularity of baseball has increased, more people are going to the stadium to watch their favorite teams play live. Many teams have already increased the seat capacity and many others have started construction of their new ballpark. Some of the stadium used by the teams are multipurpose stadium and have different field for other games. The seating capacity of most of the teams is around 50,000. Los Angeles Dodgers have the highest seating capacity of 56,000.

The name of their stadium is Dodger Stadium. This has become their home ground since the opening of 1962. Coors Field is the home ground for Colorado Rockies. It was opened in 1995 and has a seating capacity of 50,445. Turner Field is the current home ground for Atlanta Braves since 1996. It can accommodate 50,097 viewers. New York Yankee has recently opened their new home. They call it Yankee Stadium and using it since 2009. It has a seating capacity of 50,086. Rogers Centre has been the home of Toronto Blue Jays since 1989. It has a seating capacity of 49,539. The home of Texas Rangers is called Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. The construction of this wonderful stadium finished in 1994 and has a seating capacity of 49,170.

Chase Field is the ballpark of Arizona Diamondbacks from 1998 and has can support up to 49,033 fans. Safeco is the home ground of Seattle Mariners since Field Baltimore Orioles own the Oriole Park at Camden Yards which have a seating capacity of 45,971. Progressive Field is the home ground of Cleveland Indians, Angel Stadium of Anaheim is home ground of Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Busch Stadium is home ground of St. Louis Cardinals, Citizens Bank Park is home ground of Philadelphia Phillies and PETCO Park is home ground of San Diego Padres. All these stadiums have seat capacity more than 40,000. The other stadiums have seating capacity around 40,000. The teams are trying to increase the seating capacity and the facility of their home ground.

Each home ground has become a symbol of love for the team and their supporters. Many teams are building new ballpark for their fans and the trend of organizing the All-Star game in the opening of a new stadium has encouraged the teams to build modern stadiums.

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